Black Car, White Skin: Why I Missed Two Days of Work / by Mona Maruyama

I was on my way to work. I got out of the Central Square train station and waited for the light to turn on Mass Ave. It was Tuesday, December 1st around 1:40pm.
He pulled up to the intersection. 
Shiny black car. Black suit, white shirt, white hair, pink skin. Bald spot.
He looked at me and licked his lips.
I frowned.
He reached down and exposed himself to me from his car as he slowly turned on to Prospect St. surely to continue wanking all 3 inches of unfortunate silly putty while off duty from his job as a personal driver for some car company. 

His license plate was C/A2680. 

Next time, car mirrors are NOT safe. The privacy of abuse will NOT be permitted.

Thanks guy, you reminded me I was born to fight people like you.